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Momentum Trains and its consortium partners (CAF, UGL and CPB Contractors) are committed to providing opportunities for regional NSW businesses, Aboriginal Businesses, social enterprises and Australian Disability Enterprise to participate in the Regional Rail supply chain wherever possible.

Businesses and Suppliers - Momentum Trains Dubbo

Register for Project Opportunities

Expression of Interest procurement opportunities for businesses and suppliers are advertised by each Momentum Trains Consortium Partner (CAF, UGL and CPB) using the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Gateway. We encourage any business interested in opportunities on the Regional Rail Project, for either the construction of the Mindyarra Maintenance Centre (CPB Contractors), train completion work (CAF) or maintenance phase (UGL) to register with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) and access available Expressions of Interest (EOI).

It is free to register on the ICN Gateway. Registered businesses will receive email notifications when new work packages are loaded onto the ICN Gateway platform. To register your organisation, please click on the following link:

To directly access information and to keep up to date with available EOI work packages, please click here.

A Business Support Catalogue has been developed to provide information on available programs, grants and general support for businesses to build capability and capacity. To find our more, visit Transport for NSW website, please click here.


For further information

The Transport for NSW website will continue to be the key Project Information page. For more information about the Regional Rail Fleet Project and for progress updates, visit