Employment and Training


The Regional Rail Project will require around 200 jobs during the construction phase, around 60 jobs during train completion work, and around 50 permanent jobs during ongoing operations, including a number of apprenticeships and traineeships.

Momentum Trains is committed to maximising employment opportunities on the Regional Rail Project in regional New South Wales, both directly and through its subcontractors and supply chain. A range of skills will be required throughout construction, train completion work and maintenance phases.

Momentum Trains is working towards using local industry suppliers and subcontractors for the project and supporting the regional New South Wales workforce through training and development opportunities. We are committed to:

Employment and Training - Momentum Trains Dubbo

Momentum Trains in partnership with Dubbo Regional Council have developed a platform to source potential candidates via a dedicated Jobs board and Skills register.

To view current jobs opportunities advertised by the Regional Rail Project click here. All the Tier 1, 2 and 3 subcontractors engaged on the project will advertise their jobs here. Tip: Enter ‘Regional Rail’ in the keywords search and select ‘Dubbo’ as the location. Click search to find current jobs advertised on Regional Rail Project.

Employment and Training - Employment and Training

Training Opportunities

To support the development of workforce skills, there will be several initiatives/programs such as:

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

The Regional Rail Project will offer a number of apprenticeships, traineeships and skills development opportunities. These competencies and skills development opportunities will be provided by Momentum Trains or subcontractors and supply chains and will lead to nationally recognized qualifications. These training opportunities may involve civil construction activities, mechanical and electrical trades and train maintenance activities.

Undergraduates, graduate and work experience opportunities

The Regional Rail Project will also offer graduate placement and work experience opportunities.

For further information on Momentum Trains initiatives, please contact our Jobs, Skills and Industry and Aboriginal Participation Team here